MBDB (Methyl-J) 1,3-Benzodioxolyl-N-methylbutanamine CAS # 103818-46-8


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MBDB (Methyl-J) 1,3-Benzodioxolyl-N-methylbutanamine CAS # 103818-46-8 (N-methyl-1,3-benzodioxolylbutanamine, is an entactogen of the phenethylamine chemical class. It is known by the street names Eden and Methyl-J. MBDB is a closely related chemical analogue of MDMA, with the only difference between the two molecules being an ethyl group instead of a methyl group attached to the alpha carbon. It has IC50 values of 784 nM against 5-HT, 7825 nM against dopamine, and 1233 nM against norepinephrine.

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